City of Cincinnati on Flickr

In case you haven't seen this yet, the City of Cincinnati Economic Development Division is on Flickr and it's a pretty interesting photo stream of follow. They've been quite active lately and are posting photos of the various projects going on around the city, especially the banks which is moving along at a blistering pace lately.

Here are a few photos I found of particular interest - in case you haven't seen the changes south of second street in the past couple weeks, mainly the parking lot west of Paul Brown Stadium is now being removed, along with the temporary Race St extension. Work on the re-alignment of Mehring Way  is also underway in prep for the new riverfront park. Check out their entire stream, lots of great photos there.

"The Banks" Cincinnati, Ohio June 2010

"The Banks" Cincinnati, Ohio June 2010

"The Banks" Cincinnati, Ohio June 2010

link: Cincinnati Economic Development Division on Flickr

A Few New Shots of Our Neighborhood

These shots were taken at May's Final Friday, but this is the kind of visual feast we're treated to every day. :)

The Art on Our Walls

Not only was our recent move a huge shift in location, but it was also Dan and my first time living together. Such a huge transition! It would have been easy for me to just move into Dan's place in Clifton, but it would have been *his* place. When we moved, we wanted to go somewhere neutral, where we could start a new kind of life together.

For me, a big part of the cohabiting transition has been art. Dan already had his favorite artwork framed, and we knew where it would hang in our new home. But since we knew we'd be moving, I'd been on the hunt for a piece of art that would represent me.

While strolling through Mica 12/v one day, I saw a print by VisuaLingual and it was love at first sight. Not only is it a gorgeous print set on vintage wallpaper, but it's a beautiful linguistic feat: a poem done entirely in anagrams for "Over-the-Rhine." It was everything I could ask for in a piece of artwork: a tribute to my new home, a quirky bit of style, a sweet piece of poetry... and a chance to support a local artist that I adore.

The Over-the-Rhine anagram print (still available through VisuaLingual's Etsy store, by the way) hangs in our kitchen area, between two windows that show off our view of the city.

Dan has a new piece of artwork as well. When Shepard Fairey visited for the inaugural kickoff of his Contemporary Art Center exhibition, he did a limited edition, signed print made specifically for (and of) the CAC. We weren't able to be there that night, so Dan was crestfallen that he wouldn't be able to nab one of the prints. But never question the awesomeness of the social network: I covertly asked our friend @5chw4r7z to pick up a copy of the print, and he generously did so. (Good thing, too, as the print sold out within hours.)

The print now hangs proudly in the little nook where you first walk into our home. It's impossible not to see it. It too is perfect for the space: the image is of a piece of Cincinnati's heritage, it acts as a timestamp for when we moved downtown, and the iconic, bold reds and blacks that Fairey is known for help it stand out against the exposed brick in our flat.

There is more art hanging in our new home... could it really be "home" without it? But these are the pieces that Dan and I bought together, and they're new to our home and our life together. I've already started to forget what this place looked like without them.

VisuaLingual's Etsy shop:
My anagram print:
Shepard Fairey's CAC exhibition:
Shepard Fairey's print:

DAAP Works 2010

Dan and I both follow diligent DAAP student @jenlkessler on Twitter. She's been posting about wrapping up her degree and about the DAAP Works show displaying all of the senior projects, so Dan and I decided to pop by the UC campus to check it all out.

A few shots of Ms. Kessler's work, for a children's library called "Nook:"

And a hodgepodge of other shots from DAAP Works 2010:

Mm, here comes a personal favorite. :)

I'm so glad we decided to pop over to DAAP! Dan was already familiar with the department, as he has a design degree from Miami and had spent a lot of time with friends at UC. But it's all new to me-- that's a bit of a trend on this blog, eh?

Traipsing through the halls of DAAP was such a reward for my screen-tired eyes. I loved perusing the projects by students of interior design, architecture, urban planning, fashion, etc. I only wish I could make the Fashion Show now!

DAAP website:
DAAP Works website:
UrbanCincy article on DAAP Works 2010:

CSC: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged!)

I don't want to spend a lot of time writing about places that I've already been... but it's difficult, with a theater such as the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Every time you visit for a new show, it's an entirely different experience. Plus, as one of the actors pointed out, the audience is the best PR engine for them. I'd hate to not pass on word about a great show happening in Cincinnati.

And so: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged!). A gaggle of girlfriends invited me out to see this on Friday night, and even though I've seen the show a hundred times (errr, I have the DVD), I was pumped to see it live for the first time. (And, of course, to visit CSC again.)

The script is hysterical. If you've already seen it, see it again. If you haven't seen it, please for the love of all that is holy, make it happen. The cast of this show is boisterous, energetic and hilarious.

At dinner before the show, one of my friends (an Abridged! virgin) was asking if she'd be able to understand the show as someone not-so-much into Shakespeare. The answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The entire show is sort of written around the idea of introducing you to Shakespeare, and putting the bard's plays into more modern (and more side-splitting) contexts. So if you'd considered skipping the show because you aren't an English scholar, don't worry your pretty little head.

June 4th, 2010 to June 27th, 2010
Showtimes: Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.
Prices: Adults $26, Seniors $22, Students $20*

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company:
Abridged! info page:


I can't believe I didn't bring my good camera.

Okay, in my defense, I didn't know I was going to Primavista. Dan surprised me with my first trip there for our anniversary. (We looked at the great suggestions you guys left, and I'm SURE we'll eventually hit them all, but most weren't open on Sundays!)

Really though, the view was incredible. I do wish I'd had our awesome camera with me so I could have captured a bit more of the majesty! Trust me though... this is something you ought to see for yourself.

And while you're seeing it, perhaps you might as well go ahead and eat there? :) I enjoyed my dinner quite a bit. It's on the expensive side, of course... okay for a special occasion, but not somewhere I'll be meeting people after work or anything.

Dan had a ravioli that looked fab. Perhaps I'll make him switch leftovers with me-- we brought a good deal home so we could have dessert.

I chose the penne vodka with chicken, with a White Zinfandel. We had a pretty fantastic chocolate & pine nut torta for dessert-- certainly a dessert worth splitting. It'd kill you on its own.

Worth coming here just for the vista! On our way out, we noticed that there's a park next to the building, with the same view. We might have to hit that up sometime... with camera in tow.

P.S. Happy anniversary, Daniel! You make every day a special occasion!

Primavista's website:

Primavista on Urbanspoon

Ohio Book Store

The Ohio Book Store is one of those gems that I just stumbled across while out walking with Dan one day. To this day I've never heard anyone mention about this place-- I might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this place deserves some serious attention. It's epic!

The building is festooned with antique details, from ancient silver radiators and beautiful old cash registers. The building itself is a treasure trove, even aside from the books.

On the highest floor, you had to turn on the lights depending on which aisle you were browsing. Not sure why this struck me as such a gorgeous feature but it did.

There were... just so, so many books. An obscene amount. Something out of a fairy tale-- well, my kind of fairy tale, anyway.

Seriously, there are several floors (the basement, the ground floor, and two more floors accessible to the public) just jammed wall-to-wall with books.

The Ohio Book Store used to be a book bindery. Well, it still serves that function, but that used to be its claim to fame. Many of the rare books were bound in-house, and in the basement the bindery is still up and running.

The Ohio Book Store:

Tunes, Blooms and a Question

This is my dude!

First, the question: Daniel and I will have been together for one phenomenal year on Sunday, June 6th. We're racking our brains to think of somewhere perfect to dine on this momentous occasion, but for some reason we're having a hard time. Can anyone help out?

We want something nice, but not insane. For example, I looked at Orchids-- that's a bit too much. We've done Bella Luna, we've done Via Vite. We want something special and non-chainy. Any suggestions?

The photos in this post are from Tunes & Blooms, at the Cincinnati Zoo. I should have posted these... oh, back in APRIL, when the event actually occurred, but things were getting pretty hectic back then.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!