Indigo Cafe

Dan took me out on a no-reason date! He's a keeper, this guy.

Dan wanted to drive out to Hyde Park to try out Indigo. As I mentioned earlier, we are never in that area, so it was a welcome change.

Dan had a calzone, and loved it. More than he could eat in one sitting, though!

I had the pesto and walnut pasta. Yum. We need to start putting WALNUTS on more foods, people. This is a good thing.

Our service was okay! They were paying a bit more attention to the hordes of people dining outside; it was one of the last nice days where you could eat outside without your teeth chattering, and everyone was taking advantage of it. But we were in no hurry and we enjoyed the quiet niceness of Indigo.

The place didn't stand out to me, really, but I think I've added it to my "safe" list-- you know, the place you go when you're tired of ordering pizza.

Indigo's website:
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Katy said...

Shawn & I went there with a certificate once and had no luck. Despite being the only table and then one of two tables, the service was slooooowwwwww. The food was meh and expensive even with the coupon.

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