Washington Platform

Washington Platform plays a key role in my love for Over-the-Rhine: it was the place where Dan took me to eat lunch on the first day we visited OTR together, and before I visited Findlay Market for the first time.

Washington Platform

Yes, that was over a year ago! What of it?

Since moving downtown, Washington Platform is the place that Dan and I reserve for when guests come in for lunch. It's not a far walk, the food is delicious (with plenty of kid-friendly options, which tends to be a big factor), the service is friendly, the atmosphere is comfortable, and it's the kind of place where you can stay for hours and talk if you want.

Washington Platform

Naturally I forgot to take pictures of the food on our last visit, but there are plentiful options, especially if you're in the mood for something different. For instance, I love their roast beef sandwich on pretzel bread. They have (or tend to have, from time to time) a wicked wing selection. Dan likes the Dixie chicken, with cheese and bacon and that awesome pretzel bread again.

They own a coffee company now, Muddy Cup, and some family members who sampled the coffee really liked it. So if that's your thing, hurrah.

They also tend to have a ton of events going on, so check the website.

Chocolate bomb

That dessert, by the way? The "chocolate bomb," and my stomach trembles just thinking about that monster. (Yum.)

Washington Platform website: http://www.washingtonplatform.com/
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