Demetrios IV

I was having a rough day, and we were cruising for lunch options in Mariemont. Dan pulled into Demetrios.
ME: "Have you been here before?"
DAN: "Nope."
ME: "But you don't like new things!"
DAN: "I know, but you do."

I love this guy, kids.

Demetrios IV menu

Demetrios is an odd little spot. I had no idea it was even there; Dan used to live in Mariemont and was much more familiar with the area, but he'd never stopped in.

It's, uh... how do I put this?

It's a place for old people THERE I SAID IT.

Demetrios IV

The thing is: hot spots for blue-hairs tend to be right up my alley. Demetrios IV was no exception. As Dan perused the menu I eavesdropped on conversations about grandkids and taxes (no joke) as people sipped coffee and noshed on plates of eggs. I was very at home.

If you hadn't guessed from the name, Demetrios is owned by a Greek family. Thus, if you order the chili, don't expect the Texan kind. (Yea!) I had a 4-way (spag, chili, red beans and cheese)-- it was in the Gold Star tradition. (Double yea!) Dan had some kind of chicken-cheese-bacon fiasco and he enjoyed it.

Demetrios IV

This is not a place for out-of-this-world dining, but it's a comfortable spot with family photos on the wall and comfort food you can count on. It was delightful new find, and I can see myself there again. Maybe even for the 4-way.

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