On a recent visit to Fairfield for a friends birthday we ended up at Cassano Pizza King. I've been there a handful of times with friends, but this was Erica's first time. From what I've heard Cassano's is a pretty popular chain up near Dayton, but doesn't have much of a presence in the Cincinnati area.

This location is in a small shopping center off route 4 in Fairfield. The restaurant is definite a bit dated, although the shopping center itself has had a pretty recent facelift. I actually used to visit this shopping center weekly when I was taking guitar lessons at Buddy Rogers during my high school years. Cassano's is next to where the music shop used to be.

The restaurant isn't anything fancy, you order your food at the counter and service is pretty quick. I've only ever had pizza there, but they also offer an assortment of other options, such as subs and a few italian staples. The pizza is very thin and tends to be on the greasy side. Overall it's pretty decent if you like truly thin crust pizza.

One odd thing is that this location isn't listed on the actual Cassano's website, but it's definitely a real place, perhaps an independent franchise or something. If you're in Fairfield and want a quick and pretty cheap bite to eat give it a try.


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