Via Vite

Via Vite: one of the restaurants that I've walked by just about every day for five years, and I think I've maybe eaten there once, for lunch?

Dan and my dinner experience was delightful. Honestly it wasn't really the food that stood out to me-- it was very good, but I expected very good-- but our service was exceptional. We showed up pretty early, having come directly from work on our walk home, and our waiter (Steven?) had only just learned the menu. He was friendly and engaging, made recommendations and talked me into a pretty delicious zucchini pizza. I think that he amped up the experience quite a bit.

Dinner itself was fantastico. I went simple-- sweet potato gnocchi and the aforementioned zucchini pizza for dessert-- and it was all great. My only regret is that I didn't request outdoor seating... Via Vita has a great little balcony and it was a beautiful night out, but we just plopped down there the hostess told us to.

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