Despite the fact that I can literally see Senate from my window, I know I'm the last blogger to visit. Dan and I kept putting it off, waiting for an occasion that was worthy of a $10 hotdog-- those come few and far between!

Then my friend Jessica popped into town, all the way from Orlando, Florida. It was a sweltering day out, so we didn't want to walk too far, but we did want to take her somewhere unique. Senate was a perfect solution. Finally!

Unfortunately, the sweltering weather didn't stop at Senate's door. It was disgustingly hot inside, and they tried to sit us at a table directly in front of their full window. All three of us were immediately sweating, so they were able to cram us into a smaller but less sunny table.

Even there, however, it was uncomfortably hot. I'm sure the giant oven and mass of body heat were not helping the situation, but it was a little miserable. And on top of that, Senate serves gourmet street food... in other words, hot hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, etc. Caliente.

We all enjoyed our hotdogs immensely (though I wish we'd taken them home or something). I had the "One Night in Bangkok," which had peanut sauce and picked radish on it (above). Dan had the "Trailer Park," which he liked despite not being much of a cole slaw eater. Jessica had the "Chicago" with truffle fries, and seemed to really love it.

Jessica was surprised that a place like Senate exists in Over-the-Rhine-- that's a reaction we're used to getting (and we both had, once upon a time). She loved walking downstairs from our apartment into this cute, upscale little bar. She definitely lamented the heat, but seemed to think the trip was worth it.

One last complaint: we tried to partially pay with a Gateway Quarter giftcard, but Senate doesn't take the cards "yet." Uhh. There aren't *that* many places in the Gateway Quarter, so it's frustrating when one restaurant within the area doesn't take it. Plus, what is this "yet" business? Senate has been open all summer. Too much to ask that they comply, instead of making my card a little more useless?

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5chw4r7z said...

All summer? They opened in February or something. You should go in the winter when its freezing in there. Don't get me wrong I love Senate, just seems like they need to work on a few things.

prolix21 said...

I think I'd like Senate a lot more if they had a bit more space and it wasn't so loud - I was having a hard time following anything anyone was saying to me in that place. They should move into one of the bigger spaces next door.

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