Okay, so this is a horrible photo, but sometimes you have to put the camera down and live little!

Kate at River_DMF

This was the second year for River_DMF, and my second year boarding the riverboat with my good friend Kate (pictured above, sorta). After last year's shindig, we wouldn't have missed this year's for the world.

River_DMF is an extension of Dance_MF, which Kate and I also attend whenever we can. Dance_MF is a dance party held on the first Saturday of every month, at Northside Tavern. The venue is awesome, there's always a dorky-cool theme, the music's great, the audience is eclectic, even the drinks are good.

River_DMF takes all the goodness of the dance party and sets it on a riverboat. From 11pm to 2am, you set sail up and down the Ohio, tunes bouncing off of the bridges and everyone having a ball. The weather was perfect again this year, and River_DMF was definitely the place to be.

We did set sail a little late, though. From what I heard later, the smaller boat we were due to cruise on broke down shortly before 11. The Projectmill team had to lug everything to a different, bigger boat pronto. Everything else seemed to go off without a hitch-- lucky ducks!

River_DMF: http://riverdmf.theprojectmill.com/
Dance_MF: http://dancemf.theprojectmill.com/


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