Joe's Diner

Man oh man! Joe's Diner!

I'm the one who writes most of our posts, but Dan's the one who knows *everything* about what's going on. He said that Joe's Diner was reopening (uh I didn't know it existed, much less than it closed), and that they were having a "soft opening" before their formal launch on August 12th. This meant that their menu wasn't completely ready (sounds like they'll have a ton of milkshake flavors at launch, for instance), but I saw no reason to wait.

This is absolutely my kind of place! I've always been a *huge* proponent of the greasy spoon, and this manages to be... how to word it?... a clean-but-greasy spoon. It felt retro without feeling inauthentic, the waitstaff was awesome and friendly, the food was delish. I hope this becomes a regular place for us, especially as it will be open until something like 4am!

Here's my burger on a kaiser roll, with sweet potato fries. Yeah, I'm not always muy adventurous, but I know what I like. My brother Bradley always tries the burger first, no matter where he goes-- he thinks if they can't nail a burger, he doesn't have much faith in the rest of their menu. Based on that premise, Joe's passes for me. And the milkshake? Scrumptious. Can't wait for more flavors, though!

Joe's Diner website (as of posting, "Coming Soon"):

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VisuaLingual said...

Yesss! I'm so glad to hear that you liked Joe's. I actually just got a pretty mixed review from a friend, but I know it's a brand-new place, so a work in progress. Every neighborhood needs at least one place that's not a high-concept destination-dining place. [For me, that was the Courtyard Cafe, but I digress.]

In my Cincinnati time frame, that place was Vinyl for a while, which seemed a bit, uhh, misplaced in its setting. Before that, and before we moved here, it was an actual diner, and I've heard many positive accounts of that place. Joe's seems to be a reincarnation of that basic idea. I can't wait to try it!

Krystan said...

I want to go to there.

Thanks for reminding me about this place! It's officially on my "Places to Drag my Family Despite Any and All Protests" list.

redrabbit said...

So glad everyone's excited! We should meet up there some time.

5chw4r7z said...

Yes, holler next time you go, we've been wanting to go. We've somehow managed to goof around and miss it every other time it was open.

prolix21 said...

I'm curious to see what all their grand opening includes - menu changes, etc. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more choices. They also need bigger straws for their shakes!

ekalb said...

I have fond memories walking to the Diner on big snow days where the streets had barely a tire track. Yet all my neighbors would be crowded into booths steaming up the windows. At the time it was one of the few neighborhood restaurants open in the area other than Tuckers.

I am so thrilled this has re-opened with a menu similar to the original diner. I will be there for the first big snow!

And yes, the burger was good. Not Zola's or Cafe De Wheels great, but very good.

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