In Between Tavern

I've started a new job! Of all the changes that are being thrown at me, I think I might be happiest about the change of lunch options. I've needed a change of pace!

For my very first lunch at my new agency, a coworker asked if I wanted to go to "a dive." Of COURSE I do-- that's my favorite kind of place!

In Between Tavern is not, for better or for worse, what I would call a dive. It has a sports bar-type atmosphere, but for me, a "dive" is dirtier, greasier. And dives tend to thrive on burgers and nachos, not delicious options like "Mexican linguine"!

I really enjoyed In Between, and I'm thrilled that it's less than a block's walk. There are plenty more interesting choices I can't wait to get bored of eating! (Hey, it happens.)

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P.S. I've noticed some negative reviews for In Between on both Google and Urbanspoon. It sounds like most of them are tied to events (eg. Reds' games) and sometimes to high prices. I'll probably avoid In Between on game days-- just like I avoid just about anything else in the area on game days-- and I'll admit that it's a little more expensive than your standard bar lunch, but I don't find it offensively so.


5chw4r7z said...

Congrats on the new job, I'm glad, you probably are too that you're still downtown.

redrabbit said...

Thanks! And YES, I am!!

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