Whenever Dan, Bradley and I leave church on Sundays, we are desperate for some brunchy/lunchy options. Unless I'm missing something, Newtown has jack as far as a great post-church selection goes.

This week I suggested we visit Brylan's. We'd noticed signs for their live music and coffee before, but this Sunday they had a marquee about brunch. Perfecto.


As you can see, Brylan's is a giant mansion of a house turned coffee shop (and, I believe, art gallery). It's phenomenal inside-- huge, lush, sweetly decorated. A real feast for the eyes.

Brylan's Breakfast

The feast for the tongue? Not so much. Once we finally figured out where we were supposed to order (it was unclear as you walk immediately smack-dab into a menu and there is no hostess or anything, just a barista) and ordered our over-priced food, I think were all less than impressed with our meals. (Sorry, forgot to snap a pic.)


A lot of that may have been due to the service. The place wasn't swamped but it must have been doing brisker service than usual, because the barista seemed overwhelmed, short with the rest of the staff, and not overly friendly with us either. My "A.M. Quesadilla" emerged, for some reason, ten minutes before Dan's eggs and bacon, and neither of us were impressed. My iced chai latte was bland and watery.

Back of Brylan's

I don't think I would ever come back here for food. However, the atmosphere is so kickin' that if I might be talked into popping in for an acoustic act, a night of reading and coffee, and open mic night, etc. I think they have a great low-key venue on their hands, and for all I know their coffee (their real bread and butter, I believe) is off the charts. All I'm saying is: breakfast = no go.


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