Newport Helicopter Tours

Usually we blog about things we've done or are doing - this time it's about something we'd like to do. In the last couple weeks I've been watching these helicopter tours depart and arrive from their new landing pad near the Newport Levee.

From their website:
Stratus Helicopters is NOW OPEN at our new tour location in Newport, KY on Riverboat Row just west of BB Riverboats and directly across the river from the Great American Ballpark where the Cincinnati Red's play. Hours of operation will be Thursday thru Sunday 10am to 10pm (weather permitting) unless there is a schedule Red's home game and then no flights will be permitted for 1 hour before till 1 hour after the ball game due to FAA Regulations. Walk ups are welcome and are first-come-first-serve. Reservations may only be made for tours longer than 6 minutes. Tours starting at just $25 per person!
Sounds pretty good to me - has anyone taken these tours? I'm curious how long of a ride you get for $25 as their tours that depart from Lunken start at $70 for a six minute tour and go up from there quite quickly.

We're a bit tied up with visitors and vacations the next few weeks, but we plan on taking one of these tours sometime soon and will post when we do (hopefully with some really cool photos). If you've been please leave us a comment and let us know how it was!


Bradley Garwood said...

What can you possibly see from a helicopter, that you can't see from your roof with a map and 25$ worth of cold-ones

prolix21 said...

true - the view from our roof is pretty killer. need to have a picnic up there sometime

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