I can't believe I didn't bring my good camera.

Okay, in my defense, I didn't know I was going to Primavista. Dan surprised me with my first trip there for our anniversary. (We looked at the great suggestions you guys left, and I'm SURE we'll eventually hit them all, but most weren't open on Sundays!)

Really though, the view was incredible. I do wish I'd had our awesome camera with me so I could have captured a bit more of the majesty! Trust me though... this is something you ought to see for yourself.

And while you're seeing it, perhaps you might as well go ahead and eat there? :) I enjoyed my dinner quite a bit. It's on the expensive side, of course... okay for a special occasion, but not somewhere I'll be meeting people after work or anything.

Dan had a ravioli that looked fab. Perhaps I'll make him switch leftovers with me-- we brought a good deal home so we could have dessert.

I chose the penne vodka with chicken, with a White Zinfandel. We had a pretty fantastic chocolate & pine nut torta for dessert-- certainly a dessert worth splitting. It'd kill you on its own.

Worth coming here just for the vista! On our way out, we noticed that there's a park next to the building, with the same view. We might have to hit that up sometime... with camera in tow.

P.S. Happy anniversary, Daniel! You make every day a special occasion!

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