Queen City Comics (the other one)

It's a dream of mine to have more comic book-related posts than food-related posts. Some day!

Check out this glory. Comics upon comics. I can say that Queen City Comics-- both branches, the one in Fairfield and this one in Pleasant Ridge-- have the best selection of comic books that I've seen in Cincinnati.

It's a bit overwhelming, to tell you the truth. I walked out empty-handed, which is rare for someone as geeky and impetuous as I am. But there was too much to take in. And that was only comic books-- while many of the stores we've visited have some additional board games or Warhammer sets, this was 99% comics. They know what they know.

(They have a website now! I swear they didn't before.) Queen City Comics' website: http://www.queencitycomics.com/


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Brings a tear to my eye! I used to head up there once or twice a month for my comics!

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