Park Chili Parlor

Guess what guys! I don't hate breakfast!

You know about my plans of making myself like beer. (No progress there, by the way.) Beer is just the newest item in a long list of things I'm trying to teach myself to like: wine, then olives, and I think I'm finally making some headway on BREAKFAST!

Yep. I don't like beer, pig, breakfast. Kick me out of Cincinnati, why don'tcha.

So that's what brought me to Park Chili Parlor. My coworker-friend and I had a pre-workday meeting. He's from Northside and knows I'm way into the greasy spoon-type restaurant, so we went to Park Chili.

I had the "veggie mess," which I'm craving again right now. Potatoes and peppers and eggs and you know what I'm not even sure what all was in that thing except a heap of delicious.

The best part of the meal-- which I don't have to tell anyone who's been there-- is the local flavor. Regulars would walk in and be heckled, heckle back. It sounded like there was a script that the whole restaurant was reading from, and it was really very sweet and funny.

No website. Shock-o-rama!
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Bradley Garwood said...

Before you know it, you'll wake up every morning with the sun, and go first thing to the fridge, where you'll crack open a smooth bottle of ice-cold goetta beer for the most important meal of the day

5chw4r7z said...

Thats interesting because if I didn't like beer, I'd eat alot more breakfast.
My favorite meal of the day.

VisuaLingual said...

Wow, where is this place? It sounds like my new favorite restaurant.

McEwan said...

I used to go on Sunday mornings when I lived in Northside, during my first year in Cincy. French toast and coffee. Oh! And crosswords!

I haven't been since, though you may have just lit the fire under my bum.


redrabbit said...

Any time!

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