Gas Light Café

You know where I rarely visit? Pleasant Ridge.

Dan and I drove out just to go somewhere different for lunch. (Okay, there are comic books across the street. More on this soon.)

Dan had heard that the burgers were Zip's quality... not sure that I agree. It was a good burger, but not great. I ordered the "Gas Light Burger," which is essentially a burger with all the very normal fixins... I found myself wishing I'd ordered something with a little more pizazz. (Not that anything on the menu really jumped out at me, to be honest. It's a bar.)

There was a cute trivia book on the table, which is a big win for me. I can imagine visiting this place with a group of friends on any given weeknight, but for lunch I wasn't impressed. Our server didn't even notice when we walked in, although we were almost the only people in the joint.

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Heather said...

The service can definitely be spotty but the food is cheap and tasty. Try the tuna melt - mmm mmm good!

It's a good neighborhood spot...

Have you been to Quatman's? It's just up the street in Norwood on Montgomery...good burger!

redrabbit said...

Quatman's? No, I've never been! It's on the list now!!

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