Dan has worked in the same building for like a hundred years and there are still twenty thousand restaurants in walking distance that he hasn't visited.

Hi, I'm Erica, and when I'm not grossly exaggerating I'm freeing my boyfriend's mind and taste buds.

Chalk is within spitting distance of Dan's workplace, so when I had an afternoon off I whisked the boy away to check out Chalk. It's long been on my wishlist, and I knew we could afford a lunch option much easier than dinner.

I ordered the bison burger and Dan had chicken something-or-other. (See? Not a food blog.) I think we were both fairly surprised by how much we liked our lunch. Frankly, I've been a little hesitant since my misfires with Greenup and Lavomatic and a handful of other places I was supposed to love at one point.

But yes, I really enjoyed Chalk. There were familiar options (uh, burger and fries) done in a gourmet way. (To me, gourmet = I couldn't make it at home. Not a very high bar.) We were even able to spend the sunny day out on Chalk's sweet little back patio-- although walking through the restaurant, I'd like to go back and sit inside some time. Love the way the entire place feels.

Chalk's website:
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