Anchor Grill

Remember me? :)

Soon we'll post some updates about OTR life and making our new condo into a home, but today I'm going to share a bit about Anchor Grill. My boss suggested we hit it up for lunch one day, considering how much I looooove greasy spoons.

Look at how greasy this spoon is! Ahh, I love it. Delicious options like meatloaf and chicken & dumplings (my choice this time around). This is the kind of thing I'd eat every day if I had the chance.

The decor is almost *beyond* kitsch, it's so bedecked with lighthouses and anchors and... boat things. The most surreal part was when anyone would choose a song on the jukebox, a bunch of lights would turn on and animatronic characters would start to sing along, no matter the song.

I love and recommend the Anchor Grill. It's a 24hr establishment, and cash-only. Also: awesome.

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