Laszlo's Iron Skillet

Bradley and I were looking for a good lunch after church on Sunday... which proved harder than it sounds. Everything in Newtown, Mariemont and Anderson seemed to either be closed or a chain. After a desperate drive around the area, we saw an "OPEN FOR BREAKFAST" banner hanging at the Iron Skillet.

My friend Jennifer is nuts about the Iron Skillet. Despite living out in Eastgate for most of my life, I never made it down 32 to Newtown to visit this Hungarian restaurant. When Bradley and I walked in in Sunday, the waitress was *floored* that our first visit was for breakfast, not dinner. (She repeated this a few times, actually. Floored.)

There are (at least) three things that make me a serious black sheep in Cincinnati: 1) I don't like beer, 2) I don't like pig things (even bacon), and 3) I don't like breakfast. I am slowly trying to change all of those, though, and decided to order the Florentine omelet with hash browns. Oh... my gawd. So, so happy I did. That omelet was delicious. I usually don't care for eggs, I usually avoid ham. Maybe my taste buds are changing? The ham was subtle, the spinach was in perfect proportion, the Swiss cheese was perfection. Hm, maybe I was just starving or something.

The waitress made me promise I'd come back for dinner some time, and I look forward to it. (Jennifer, what should I order?)

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