It's Just Crepes

It's Just Crepes has opened a second location, a stone's throw away from my place of business. O frabjous day! After 5 years at the same agency, with the same lunch spots in the same stone's throw, I've been a little burnt out.

Mm, this place is a great new option. I'd visited the previous location a few years back, but I'd forgotten how delicious these crepes are! A great portion for lunch, made quickly (but also made to order of course), and a great menu of options.

I had the Southwestern, which did not disappoint. If I had any caution to share, it might be to avoid eating here with business associates-- it's hard to eat these crepes with any sort of grace. But if your coworkers have seen you with cheese dribbling down your chin before, have at it.

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ekalb said...

I live only 2 blocks away. This place is going to require me to replace all my pants. Two sizes larger.

redrabbit said...

Mm, so good. What's your favorite?

ekalb said...

Chicken Florentine because it is stuffed to the size of a mini nerf ball. And the Traditional on those not nearly pay days I have to sift through the crumbs in my sofa for change.

redrabbit said...

I've been eating them for BREAKFAST lately. Good gawd, what a fat way to start the day.

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