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I've recently talked about Terry's Turf Club and Zip's, but my friend Evan (@nth_degree) insisted that the Cincinnati burger was actually in Norwood, at a place called Gordo's.

First off, I'd like to mention how awesome it was to meet up with Evan, Sara and co. I only know Evan through Twitter-- except for a quick hello during the fateful architecture tour that ended with Dan and I buying a condo-- and spending a little time together at this charming bar was worth the trip on its own.

And then there was the burger. I copied Evan and ordered the Gordo's Burger, which came slathered in bacon, mushrooms, boursin cheese and more. (I'm typically a lettuce and tomato kind of girl, but I'm trying to grow up a bit.) Mm, so delicious! It was a different burger experience for me, but it was definitely one I'd repeat.

So! Who's going back with us? And/or where is the next stop in the Burger Tour?

Gordo's Pub & Grill website: http://www.gordospub.com/
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Evan said...

I don't know if I would say the Cincinnati burger is found at Gordo's...
#1 - Terry's
#2 - The Rookwood
#3 - Gordo's
#4 - Zips

I was simply saying in the Zip's post that Gordo's was a better burger than Zip's.

As for where the burger tour is going next, I still haven't been to Oakley Pub, which I heard has a pretty good burger.

redrabbit said...

Okay, oops, misquote. My bad. :)

I'd love to hit Oakley Pub. I'm out of town through next week but when I get back, let's rock it? (Or rock it AGAIN if you got impatient?)

E! said...

Well, since you didn't mention it above (only Zip's and Terry's), take me with you to my favorite of faves, Arthur's in Hyde Park for Burger Madness on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. All the toppings you could ever want for $7.50. You don't have to take me. Hell, you don't even know me. So you have permission to go without me, but please report back. :-)

redrabbit said...

Hey! Just got back from a conference. When do you want to hit up Arthur's? Email us at blog@cincinnatireadventure.com!

ekalb said...

One of my favorite Cincinnati summer haunts. Dining at Authur's patio in Hyde Park during burger madness.

David B said...

Don't forget Quatman's in Norwood for an excellent (but very basic) burger!

redrabbit said...

We'll check it out!

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