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I expected this blog to shake up my social life a bit, but it has also done wonders for lunch routine. I've been hunting down excuses to visit new-to-me locales around downtown Cincinnati like nobody's business.

My coworker Jeff and I go to lunch fairly often, and we had an afternoon with enough time to take a quick drive across the bridge to Covington. I'd done Riverside, I'd done Cock 'n' Bull, but I'd never gotten to step into Chez Nora.

I had one of the lunch specials, the broccoli and spinach quiche. *Mm.* The first thing I said to Jeff made him look at me like I had two heads: "It doesn't taste microwaved." Almost every quiche I've ever had has *clearly* been taken out of a freezer and nuked for a minute or so. This one, not so much. Cheesy with perfect crust. Très bien.

Jeff, however, had a different lunch special: the "BBQ Cheddar Meatloaf." Uhhhh. Despite how much I loved my quiche, I ended up seriously wishing I'd had the meatloaf. He cut me off a piece: awesome. It was served as a sandwich and definitely worth the $7.

I expected our meal to be pricey, but we got out for under $20 for the two of us. (Ordering lunch specials helped.) I've heard I need to visit this place at night and maybe check out the rooftop deck, but I can at least say that it's a great lunch option in close proximity to Cincinnati.

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