Busken Bakery

The difference between Busken and every other bakery that I'm aware of: Busken's open for 24 hours.

Okay, so I'm sure plenty of bakeries are open all night, to stock the stores they provide for. And yes, it's only the main Busken HQ that's open around the clock. BUT, when it's super late (or early?) and you have a sweet tooth, this Busken branch is like a beacon from heaven.

Frosting shots?! Okay, not my speed, but fantastic nonetheless. I'm a traditional Busken cookie girl myself-- I'm not sure what they put into those things, but I'm assuming any larger dose would be illegal.

Dan went for the doughnuts-- one glazed, one maple. I thought he was going into cardiac arrest when he started eating them.

Ooh, I almost forgot about the tea cookies! I bought a small bag for a gathering. Well received, as usual. Wish I was chewing on a few right now, tell ya the truth...

Busken's website: http://www.busken.com/

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D R E W said...

wait... frosting shots?! why am i not eating one right now?!!!!

liz said...

i am pretty sure the hyde park busken is also open 24 hours

redrabbit said...

Drew: Ugh, the thought of it makes my teeth hurt.

Liz: Hyde Park = this post.

EmilyRSPS said...

A frosting shot! Thats what I call when I take a spoon full of frosting out of the container in the afternoon to keep me going! Ha! Glad to know you can buy them!!!

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