Arnold's Bar and Grill

My friends and I finished up our day-tour of Cincinnati at Arnold's. I'd been here once before, with some of Dan's friends. I kind of fell in love that night.

I wanted to bring my friends here for two reasons: 1) it's a great piece of Cincinnati history, what with being the Queen City's oldest bar, and 2) I'd heard they had a great beer list. My friends tried a few different beers throughout the night and seemed happy with their selections.

Most of the table ordered burgers-- it was just that kind of night, I guess. I for one loved mine, and devoured it rather too quickly.

This bar will definitely be one of my Cincinnati staples. I'm telling you, you can't beat that indoor/outdoor patio they have-- I'm anxious to see it come spring/summer when they open it up and host live music. I feel like I could spend hours there, easily.

Arnold's website:
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Joebot said...

We actually ended up at Arnold's during Bockfest before heading up a couple blocks for some Shanghai Mama's. I wish we hadn't all been a little toasted and crowded so we could enjoy it better.

Bradley Garwood said...
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Bradley Garwood said...

and Cincinnati's oldest WEBSITE. Looks like they've just been hit by Cincinnati's oldest smooth criminal.

Arnold's said...

Hahaha. You were so right Bradley. Check out the site now

redrabbit said...

Ha! Dan and I just noticed the website update last night, when we were checking to make sure Arnold's was open on Mondays. (TONS of places around here aren't!) Lovely improvement!

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