Terry's Turf Club

There are many typical Cincinnati places that I've never visited. I'd say the one I'm hounded about the most would be Terry's Turf Club.

Oh Erica! I can't believe you've never been there! How long have you lived here? The burgers, Erica, the burgers!

(This kind of attitude, by the way, is a huge deterrent to me. It makes me want to never go to that place out of sheer spite. Just tell me you like the damn burgers and let's move on.)


After church one day, Dan and I were in the mood for something out of our normal routine. I suggested Terry's, which was a bit of a gamble as Dan doesn't like hamburgers. (I know, right? And I hate bacon. Which of us is less American?)

And so, in case there are any other Terry's Turf Club n00bs left in the Queen City, a few things I learned during our visit:

1. Sunday at the stroke of noon is a fantastic time to visit. You'll be seated promptly and served right away. By the time you leave, there will be an actual line out the door.

2. Order the burger. Yes, it's as delicious as you've heard. Plan to eat half. You'll have delicious leftovers and your internal organs will thank you.

3. You are seated at a table with strangers. For me, this is a blessing-- it reminds me of the one-and-only cruise I've taken in my life. At dinner every night, they with you with another couple or family, and you make conversation throughout the meal. However, odds are good that you're going to be seated next to people who see this as some kind of torture. They will avoid eye contact, scoot their chair as far from you as possible, and sit with a pained look on their face. This happened to us... twice.

4. The place gets packed... and I mean packed. One woman waiting for a table ended up standing next to ours-- she was actually much, much friendlier than our table-mates. I enjoy this kind of vibe. Not everyone does.

5. No iced tea. What... the what.

Overall we loved our experience. Now if I can just visit Zips, maybe y'all can get off my back for a while? Yes? ;)

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Evan said...

I was in the same boat before I went to Terry's. However, after my first time eating there I understood why everyone rants and raves about it.

Personally, I would skip Zips. I don't really like their burgers. If you want another burger place to try (that doesn't taste like slop, ie Zips), go to Gordo's. http://gordospub.com/

redrabbit said...


However, I think if I DON'T go to Zips, my brother and my mom will disown me.

But I will ALSO try Gordo's? Is that fair?

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