Teak Thai

I am not, nor will I ever be, a food blogger.

I'm just not good at food. I have a boring palette and I tend to eat the same things when I re-visit restaurants. (I'm not as bad about this as good Sir Daniel, but I'm still not very adventurous.)

But it's impossible to explore a city without remarking about the food. I was joking with @foodhussy today about how I can't wait for it to warm up so I can stop writing about food-- I feel like the cold weather has trapped me inside and the only blog-worthy thing I do is eat.

It should mean nothing to you that I love Teak Thai. Why? Because I order pad Thai at a level 1 spiciness, and if I eat sushi it's probably an avocado roll. Not exactly the Thai experience, now is it?

But I love this place. The pad Thai is the best I've ever had-- they don't skimp on the egg or peanuts, and this mainstay dish manages to be full of flavor even at a wimpy 1. The service is quick and friendly, the sushi boats are beautiful (and from what I hear, delicious), and the building itself is adorable, airy and bright.

Teak was a great way to send of a beloved coworker, as he begins a new endeavor at a new workplace. I'll miss you, Russ... but if your quitting is what it takes to get us to lunch at Teak, mazel tov.

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5chw4r7z said...

Funny, a couple years ago during the winter I was bored stiff and started posting food pictures just for something to do. It stuck and here we are.

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