Cincinnati Bell FiOptics - long term review

If you know me in real life, or follow my twitter you probably know I can be a harsh critic of products or services that don't live up to my expectations. Nobody is safe from my trashing, my scorn, my tongue-in-cheek commentary - even my beloved Apple (cough, Apple TV, cough).

It's even worse when you're a service I rely on for my internet connection that allows me to unleash that scorn upon the twitterverse.

Cincinnati Bell has probably been the target of a lot of that over the past six months - they may see it as an assault - I see it as tough love. The folks who monitor the @CincyBell twitter account probably disagree, but luckily some people higher up see it differently and have chosen to engage with me about my concerns and my previous blog posts, and I get to share with you some of fruits of those conversations.

First - I think we all agree the internet side of FiOptics is a rock star. It is fast, stable and did I mention fast? I think their Westell router is a piece of crap (remember the Cisco 675?) - but I also work in a data center, so my standards for equipment may be too high, and my dreams of Cincinnati Bell just giving me an ethernet hand off for my own router is probably unrealistic.

Second - again, something I think all FiOptics customers universally can agree upon - the DVR GUI is flat out awful. It's like 1992 threw up inside the device.

The good news is that this is not the shape of things to come - they're reading our tweets, our blog posts and improvements are coming.

I've been asked to hold back some details, but Cincinnati Bell FiOptics customers can rest assured that change is coming, and it should all occur in 2010. The first upgrade is an update to the current software - I'm not sure what all it addresses, but it should be a step forward, and really, anything would be an improvement.

The second upgrade is a big one and the one I can't really give many details on - trust me though, it is very cool and is a total replacement of the current DVR software. The functionality is slick and on par with anything else out there, possibly better and should make everyone pretty happy, and they're hoping for a 2010 rollout.


5chw4r7z said...

At one point in time I was going to jump in on FiOptics, but you scared me off. I'll be waiting until you're happy before I change.

Tania Katherine said...

We considered getting Cincinnati Bell FiOptics the second it was offered in our complex. That was until I got accosted by their inside sales man in my parking lot. Screaming at me as I walk to get the mail that I'm lying to him when I tell him I don't have any services and that I need to take a f-ing chill pill really wasn't a good introduction to their services lol.

prolix21 said...

CB definitely was aggressive with their FiOptics rollout - both with the sales and pricing. My sales guy actually lived in my building, so there was no avoiding him, although he never screamed at me in a parking lot.

Overall I'd say I'm happy with fioptics - the thing to keep in mind is that it's a new service, and there are growing pains. Initially I was pretty frustrated with it, especially the TV, but I also have to say that I'm impressed with Cincinnati Bell's attitude about it and that it feels like they are doing what they need to in order to make it right. I've been surprised about who has contacted me from CB and how open they've been about the service and their plans - I wish I could share more of those conversations, hopefully with time I will be able to. I think if the roadmap for the service was more public it would help shift focus away from its shortcomings.

Brent said...

Have you tried to see what digital channels you can get with just the QAM tuner on your TV (i.e. without your set top box)? With TW, you can at least get the HD signals from all the local channels this way without a converter box (except for Channel 64). Can you get non-local cable channels in HD without the set top box?

Rama said...

I recently got CB Fioptics (bundle), about 2 weeks back. My TV is awful. Many times I can't change channel, often no sound when I change channel, picture frozen and you can not change the channel by pressing up/down button. No guide menu appears by pressing guide button and if ever it comes I cannot exit by pressing exit button. It is so horriful that now I scared of turning on my TV. In two weeks CB send two technicians but no improvement. Another technician coming tomorrow. I am serious about going back to my old service provider (dish network).

prolix21 said...

Rama - that definitely sounds odd and like there's a problem. I've not seen anything like the issues you've described with my setup. Have they replaced the DVR?

troy714 said...

the big problem I have is I am a big F1 racing fan and I do not get all the sound. I can never hear the car noises. They did replace my dvr but that has not helped nor did I think it would. Anyone else?

David said...

I had FiOptics TV/Phone/Internet service installed in Florence, Kentucky on 3/18/2010, and I am very happy with the service. The salesman was Darryl Isom (513-332-7119). He was very professional and helpful. When I finally committed to the service, he was able to schedule an installation within 2 days.

The install took 2 technicians approximately four hours. They removed the old copper drop and cleanly installed the new fiber drop. I have a utility closet in my home where all network, phone and cable/satellite connections originate from, so this is where the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) was installed. I asked the techs to simply connect and test everything and then leave it so that I could mount the ONT and run all of the wiring myself. They did as I asked and were very helpful and interested in my complex installation.

I disagree about the ability to connect your own router. I have a Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT connected directly to the Ethernet port of the ONT and after restarting both the ONT and WRT, it functions beautifully. The internet connection has been stable and reliable. I use SSH to access my network remotely and this has not been an issue.

The only issue I have experienced is regarding speed. I subscribed to the 30/10 service and before the techs left I tested the service and it seemed to be capped at 20Mbps down although I was seeing 10Mbps uploads. They verified the level of service configured and I signed off on the install planning to investigate further myself. When connecting directly to the Ethernet port of the ONT, I see download speeds of @29.5Mbps, indicating that the issue is a bottleneck with my router. That makes the issue internal to my network and the service is functioning exactly as it should.

The phone service is crystal clear and simple. I still had a copper POTS line which made the transition to phone over fiber dead simple. My entire phone network had already been consolidated into a single connection which was plugged into the filtered port of the Cisco 675 ADSL router, so that connection was simply moved to the ONT.

I compared channel lineups with the DirecTV service I was replacing and found that I would gain significantly more than I would lose by switching. The picture quality is significantly better than DirecTV and I am more than happy with the channels available.

Connecting directly to a digital television finds approximately 78 analog and 78 digital channels without a set-top-box. Analog FM frequencies are not present on the line. Most cable companies include these making it possible to connect directly to a stereo receiver for excellent FM reception.

I already had a very complicated TV installation utilizing MythTV ( with satellite tuners connected to capture cards in a central server in a utility closet in the basement. I ordered 2 HD cable receivers (Motorola DCX3200M) to replace the satellite tuners and the technicians simply connected and tested them and left them for me to configure. For those interested in MythTV, I found that MythChanger works very well for channel changing over Firewire with these STBs.

Since I was uncertain how quickly I would be able to get MythTV configured using FiOptics, I also ordered 2 HD-DVRs (Motorola DCX3400M). Using these units for a few weeks, I can certainly understand some of the complaints voiced by others regarding the problems with the user interface. I have experienced issues with the units becoming unresponsive, particularly when trying to use DVR functions while watching live TV. I am hopeful that the rumored changes coming to the software and user interface will address these issues. Both the salesperson and the installation technicians also indicated that multi-room DVR viewing utilizing the MoCA technology available in the equipment is coming in 2Q2010.

Overall I think the service is excellent and has the potential to be real competition for Time Warner and Insight as they expand their availability.

prolix21 said...

thanks for that great post - as far as the ONT access, you're lucky. my issue is that i have no access to my ONT. its apparently in the basement of this condo complex and they've plugged the existing telephone wiring into it, as well as the existing coax cabling for the building. i'm stuck with the CB router b/c there's an rj-11 cable that has to be plugged into it. i'll be moving soon, into another place with fioptics access - I am hoping for ONT access, but again, its a condo so I may be out of luck once again

Tim said...

i'm considering getting this. it just came to our neighborhood. have they changed the ui yet?

prolix21 said...

Tim - as of May 3rd, when I had our service moved to our new place it hadn't been updated. I believe the 8540HDC is still the current model of DVR they are using. I'll see if I can follow up with CB about it

lreidiii said...

Our fioptics tv/internet/phone service was installed yesterday. So far, the only concern is the very clunky user interface with the Cisco set-top box. Since this service is brand new in our neighborhood, I expected a modern TV experience. I was very disappointed.

The installer was very professional, but had no knowledge of Mac computers. I still haven't been able to configure the Mail application mailbox for zoomtown for receiving mail, although sending has not been a problem. Hopefully, customer support will be able to help when I call them today.

I think that this will be an excellent system once the TV user experience is brought up to date.

tdbrooks said...

i wish i could find some screenshots/video online to see for myself...

tdbrooks said...

i'm "Tim" from above, by the way...

Marc said...

I posted 2 videos on Youtube of my Fioptics installtion if anyones interested.

Brian said...

still waiting, getting ready to go back to twc

ekalb said...

I wish I had Cincinnati Bell Fioptic Service.

I signed a contract November 2009. Called Cincinnati Bell numerous times after they failed to follow up. When the install was completed, the connection would not work. Months later I was told fiber is broken to many of the units in Parker Flats. They sent more technicians to spend an entire day testing a line that I had already been told was not working. Then at the end of that day. A manager tells me the real story is they want to split the cost with the developer for a new line to be installed. Because it requires the cost of metal conduit. As far I was concerned they wasted both our times just so they looked busy. I measured the distance from my unit to the hallway connection. Looked up the cost of conduit and parts. A total less than $25. But the best was yet to come. The last two months I have been sent bills for Fioptic service. Yet I have never been connected and no one has bothered to follow up. When I call to complain, they attempted to tell me I would need to turn in my router. Otherwise I would be charged for it. I was never given a router because they never made a connection. Then I got angry. (it only took 8 months!)

I think Cincinnati is a world class city with services to match. I used to be proud that we had our own Telecom. But Cincinnati Bell fails miserably. I wish they could prove me wrong.

I recommend Time Warner. Over ten years I only remember 3 service calls. Two of them upgrades.

I read tonight that the Cincinnati Bell COO Brian Ross will be resigning August 8th. But taking a nine month contracting job with Bell at $85,000 a month. No wonder they cannot afford $25 to connect a good customer.

Sorry for the rant.

prolix21 said...

Wow, crazy story. Is everyone in Parker out of luck then? You'd think the relatively minor cost of cable runs would be offset by the re-occurring fees they would get if people in Parker could sign up. Strange situation.

I've been having my own issues with CB and my billing due to me moving my service from Clifton to OTR and them trying to bill me for never returning a DVR that is on an active account. I think I finally have that sorted out, but its been a pain to deal with.

If you're itching for fiber type speeds I've heard TWC is offering some sort of new product that is 30mbps up/7mbps down. A co-worker recently had it installed and loves it. Might be an option for anyone not in the CB FiOptics range. I've not been able to locate it on the TW Cincy website, but might be worth a call.

ekalb said...

From what I was told by a manager and a couple of techs at Cincinnati Bell. They suspect sabotage at Parker Flats. Considering the whole building was wired and tested during construction. But after completion/move in, the building has floors where multiple units connection lines appear to be cut. No way to prove it without taking down walls. Still, these are condos that CB could get a lifetime of clients subscriptions. Foolish not to spent a few dollars running new lines down some halls.

I think TW business class offers the speed upgrade. I get a huge discount at work currently. Do not think upgrade would apply.

SoMuch said...

I have Fioptics and I agree that the TV DVR / Guide is awful. I hope they release the update soon. One thing that I absolutely hate is that the DVR is a channel in the guide and this change is 999. When we watch the DVR and then hit the guide button you'll notice that the next channels in the "UP" direction are all porn. I don't have any kids yet but when I do and my kid is watching his scooby doo I recorded for him and he hits the "guide" button that he sees some questionable content. Of course my kid would have to be old enough to read but still. Not cool. Cin Bell needs to fix this at the same time they fix the guide/dvr software to not make it suck.

Marc said...

I have the upgraded unit. Unfortunately the changes were only cosmetic in nature. The guide still sucks- it switches from 4x3 to 16x 9. The DVR is still awful and inaccurate. The search functions still suck too. The main difference with the new guide is the font no longer looks like it is from an Atari game. Thats about it.

Marc said...

Here is a video highlighting the new upgraded cisco boxes mentioned above.

Phil said...

I just got new Fioptic install. Motorola DVR units. They are horrible. 7 years ago I had DirectTV with Tivo... Life was good. Then they got divorced, DirectTv switched to DVR+... went to DishNet trying to improve the DVR, now Fioptics. Worst EVER. Comcast uses the same box and has Cbell beat on the software hands down. Cbell is HORRIBLE. It's slow, klunky, search features really don't work, On Demand SUCKS. Video drops, audio stops, constant ERR-255 contact support errors just browsing menus. It blows. I can't believe they had this technology nailed in 2003 but here we are 7 years later progressively going backwards. It's all Cbell too. The Motorola DVR's are capable units. They have loads of features but Cbell can't develop the software right. They can't get the HDMI to work right, they can't get Moca implemented their On Demand integration looks like a 2 year old set it up. Come on. The network transport is BULLET PROOF. They got great bandwidth and infrastructure. It's like buying a million dollare Maybach and hiring a blind retarded kid to drive you around in it. Pathetic.

prolix21 said...

That's interesting you got a Motorola DVR - have they switched away from the Cisco set-top boxes? Both that I have are Cisco.

I agree the on-demand is terrible. I often have to reboot to use it, and even then it rarely works the first try, and takes 5+ minutes to load.

Internet is definitely awesome and rock-solid, but I agree the tv service is still a big disappointment. In our building CB got the exclusive, however in the last week some talks have popped up about possibly having DirecTV come install service (possibly that all 8 condo's can access). I'm not sure if that's much better, but people are tired of waiting for CB to get their act together on the television service.

We'll see what happens I guess. I had high hopes, but I have to admit that the longer CB takes to resolve these issues (that they are well aware of, and admit to) the more this becomes a black eye on FiOptics, which is a shame b/c it's a killer product in general.

Lewis said...

They just pushed it out to my area of Cheviot. I think I'll wait until they update the set-top box. Please post again when (hopefully not if) they do.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting this blog and all the comments. I'm also interested to hear when/if they update the software. CB is offering a discount to my complex for tv and internet, but I am fairly satisfied (aside from price) and don't want to downgrade as far as DVR software/features. It sounds like the best thing to do right now is wait and see if they get their act together.

Brent said...


I know your post is several months old, but I'm curious what digital channels were discovered when you connected the cable directly to your digital TV?


pcolag8r said...
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pcolag8r said...
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pcolag8r said...
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pcolag8r said...
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pcolag8r said...

I moved a couple of weeks ago to an apartment complex in Deerfield Twshp (Mason Area). Originally transferred my TW services (cable, phone, internet) over to this new place. Install was horrible and internet slow. This was just a long history of major issues I've had with TW over the years so I said f-it and called CB.

Had CB installed two days later. $105/mth for cable with hd dvr, 20Mps down/10up, and unlimited LD telephone...great deal and will go up $15 after 1st year.

Install went great. The ONT is mounted just outside my window. Then, services run over copper to the inside. I was a little concerned about that but complex is not that old.

Phone: Excellent! Works Fine.

Internet: Awesome! Bandwidth speeds are rock solid. The dedicated bandwidth is much better than the shared bandwidth concept with TW. There is one Ethernet port inside connected directly to the ONT. They give you a westell wireless router which is not bad but wireless features are not the latest so slower wireless speeds. However, I did discover you can use any router you want. Therefore, I bought a dual band wireless-n router for $80 from wal-mart (new vizio model recently realeased...great deal) and much improved wireless network.

continued on next comment...

pcolag8r said...

continued from previous comment....

TV: This is the area they need to improve significantly. I got the Motorola 3400M box and it's actually quite stylish looking and the interface/software is not very good at all. I'm dealing with it but I've had no technical issues. I come from a TIVO background and I've seen some of the other interfaces out there that CB could use that are very modern integrating tv and internet, etc... This is the route they have to go instead of this outdated tv experience to go with their very capable infrastructure. Some issues are, guide on hd channels is 4:3 and on non-hd channels fills the screen. This is a shortfall of the box and not settings or tv settings. Others have noticed issue as well. As for channels, I gave up a few but for the most part I'm ok with the channel lineup available. Just hoping for MLB network and NFL Network/Redzone. Also, make available on internet. TW just got it as I jumped ship so disappointed in that. For now, I'm dealing and hoping for improvement.

With internet being my primary need, I'm quite happy to deal with the TV shortfalls for now. I would go for it although I imagine the experience can vary by location in the area some. I'm more than happy with my swith.

Marc said...

Pcolag8r....I couldnt agree more. Not even being able to get a 16 x 9 guide, for my 16 x 9 screen, is just flat out unacceptable. No ESPN3 is also upsetting.

Brent....when I hooked up my TV directly to cable I originally only got the Weather channel in HD passed through in QAM, no locals HD (FCC requires it) but after rescanning a few months later I got my locals in HD on QAM, but lost weather channel HD.

You get all the standard defintion channels (channels 2-99) without the settop box, but image quality is lacing big time.

And for the rest of the folks who are considering this service, I have one question: Are you happy with what you have now? If you are, do yourself a favor and don't switch. I would wait until the software is improved and the kinks are worked out. I can only recommend switching now if you are pissed at your current provider.

prolix21 said...

Just to touch on the various recommendations - I would 100% recommend FiOptics for internet access. It blows anything ANYONE else has out of the water. Nothing in Cincinnati comes close in terms of speed and reliability (at least in my experience).

In terms of TV, if you're a die hard TV watcher and live and die by your DVR, hold off on that side. You should have no problem keeping your TV and simply adding FiOptics for internet access.

If tv isn't a big deal to you, get FiOptics b/c the pricing is way better that TWC and it gets the job done in most cases.

Craig said...

I just hope that the FIOptics support is not as pathetic as their standard indernet support.
Within 4 days they managed to f.. everything up to the point that my bandwidth is cut in half and the static IP I had for 7 years, is gone wit a DHCP assigned one... Now, the support with the dotted indians is as clueless and useless as it gets and only managed to completely shut my internet down for 2 days.
It really stinks that there is no real alternative to such a poor service.

Chris said...

Don't know if this will help, but we signed up for Fioptics a few weeks back.

We were Direct TV subscribers, and Fioptics is definitely a step down. That's not to say Fioptics isn't good, they just don't offer nearly as much as DTV.

Channels - DTV offers more, but the basics are all offered with FO. The biggest difference is that NFL Network (and of course Sunday Ticket) is not carried.

HD - Again, the basics are covered but DTV offers a lot more channels in HD. My guess is that DTV offers about twice the number of HD channels (if not more) than FO. Example, FO has 2 (maybe 3) HBO channels in HD where DTV had at least 6 or 7 HBO channels in HD. All local channels are offered in HD.

As for the quality of the HD, my wife says she notices a difference but I don't see it. I do see a fair amount of pixelation (is that a word?) with the FO but I think that's more of a personal issue - if it bothers you or not.

Standard channels - Speaking of non-HD channels, the quality really depends on your TV. We have a 42" HD LCD tv, and two regular non-HD tvs. The standard channels on the non-HD tvs actually looks pretty good - better than they do on the HD TV.

Guide - Again, the DTV offers more, but the FO is good enough. One complaint I would have is that the quality of the guide depends on what channel you are watching. The guide will actually be sharper and clearer if you use it through an HD channel, but it will be noticeably less when using when you have a standard channel on.

The interface is smooth, and is fairly easy to navigate. No issues at all with the guide, DVR or on-demand.

Pausing live TV - no problems, although it only allows to pause live tv for 15 minutes. DTV would let you pause for up to 2 hours. Main hub DVR works fine, but the multi room boxes do not allow to pause/rewind live tv. Only the main DVR hub can do that.

DVR - works fine, although it doesn't hold nearly the amount of information that DTV DVRs do. FO offers multi-room DVR which is cool, although it is a little difficult to figure out. The multi room function works when going from the main room out, but it doesn't work going from the satellite boxes back in to the main box (but that could be us not knowing how to use it properly).

On-Demand - no issues with it locking up. Loads quickly, however some shows cannot be paused, fast forwarded or rewound. Only real complaint is that only NBC and ABC are offered on-demand. FOX and CBS are not offered on-demand.

As far as phone and internet, getting FO was a total upgrade. The internet is noticeably faster and the phone line is much clearer.

Basically, if you are considering the TV service, I would look at what you expect out of it. Direct TV does offer a lot more, but FiOptics offers the basics and we are paying about $100 less per month for FO.

Hope this helps and sorry if there are a lot of typos. :

prolix21 said...

thanks for the comment Chris

I've been having a lot of DVR issues lately and am considering getting a TIVO at this point. the DVR scheduler just ignores recording schedules and flat out won't let me even schedule some stuff.

KG said...

Am considering getting Fioptics for my new apartment since it is offered.

I thought it would be cheaper than TW, but its actually more expensive when you add in the fee they charge for the box. Also, TW offered movie channels for 6 months free.

Was kinda hoping for a more reasonably priced alternative besides TW. The single advantage seems to be a faster internet connection 7mbps vs 10 Mbps (or 20 with the 'offer' they have)

Ted Dangerous said...

Fioptices tv is just awful. No after hours support. Horrid 90's interface. Gigantic - obviously refurbished DVR from another TV provider that requires constant reboots.

Cbell offers no after-hours support via phone or web. I was out of luck this evening when I tried to order up a movie at 8:00 PM. The tech support line directed me to the web and the web site directed me to the tech support line.

I had At&Ts Uverse fiber optic tv and internet in my previous home before relocating to Cincinnati. Great service! I highly recommend it anyone living where it is offered. I could fully manage my account online, schedule DVR recording online, add or remove channels almost realtime. Plus access to 24 hour tech support.

Cbell, take a look at the Uverse or FIOS service from AT&T and Verizon. This is what Fiber Optic TV is supposed to look like, not nineties cable pumped into my house via a fiber optic cable.

prolix21 said...

We gave up on the DVR and bought a TiVo, much better

Steve said...

1) Installation:
a) smooth, no major hangups.
b) technician was informative, helpful and efficient.

2) Phone:
a) Calls seem to be clear (no different than before). Haven't tried long distance or voicemail yet, but I don't expect any surprises there.

3) Video/Cable:
a) Image quality is great.
b) Box boots up and displays image very quickly (even when power is removed and restored).
c) Integration with my sound system/entertainment center was easy.
d) Could use a few more stations (my fault, I will hold off on evaluation until the package is upgraded).
e) Cable box lacks features (ie. DVR control from Web, ) and seems to have a few bugs
f) Cable box is difficult to navigate and isn't as appeasing to the eye as the previous provider.
g) Difficult to find the movies that I'm looking for (ie. on movies on demand).

4) Internet
a) Speed is consistently fast (previous system was inconsistent).
b) I've lost internet connectivity ~ 6 times (using the router that was provided to me). I've reset the router each time and regained connectivity. Seems to occur every few hours.

Phone is good and I have no concerns. Video/Cable seems to have some to be desired, I'm hopeful that software updates will be released in the future to fix some of the issues/concerns I have. Can anyone confirm that Cincinnati Bell is working on improvements to this interface? Does anyone know a time frame for any upgrades? Internet, although fast, its lack of connectivity at times is a major problem for me. I hope it is only related to the router and can be solved easily.

JD said...

Well I made the move to fioptics a few weeks ago from DirecTV. As far as the channel selection goes and quality of picture FiOptics is great. Everything else is garbage plain and simple.
As for the equipment which is poor quality and branded ZTE. The original blog comment about 1992 throwing up inside the box is correct. The visual appearance of all of the menus on the ZTE devices is somewhat ok however if you compare it to DirecTV or TimeWarner they being 10's I would give it a 1 out of 10. You cant get there from here or I know I pressed the button is what I think when I try to navigate or find a recorded show. You better be a good aim as well as the IR is very week.
Now here comes the best part. I previously had Zoomtown with a static IP. I loved the old Cisco675 routers and eventually had to get a Westell which was fine. They came and installed which they said would maybe take 2 hours. It took over 6 hours with no need to run new cabling.
The next day I went on vacation and came home to a dead router a week later. They replaced it with a ZyXel which has a great interface and seems good.
During all this I am still waiting on someone from support to tell me how to configure my static IP address on the new router. So since I have gotten fioptics I have to reboot the router about ever 4 hours. I have called support (Phillipines) about a dozen times. Each time asking about my static IP issue. Two technicians came out and couldn't get anyone from their support to tell them how to setup the static IP. Naturally the lines test fine and everything works for them. It makes sense since the first thing they do is restart the router and cable boxes.
I am now on my 4th week and I called our Coporate Perks rep and they are trying to get something done but they were not confident they could. Unless they come up with a solution tonight I will be moving back to DirecTV. I have already had a dozen or so people ask me about Fioptics and I told them to steer clear. I am also about to move our Business class services away as well due to this one issue.
If you want a refund or credit Fioptics Support has to do it not Customer Service. That makes no sense either. Come on Cincinnati Bell do you need a new CEO? I don't see what he gets bonuses for apparently it is all about the bottom dollar.

prolix21 said...

Thanks for the comment JD - I've been wondering what those new fioptics boxes are like. More of the same it seems, glad we got a tivo.

I've been having a lot of issues with our fioptics internet connection as well, I have to reset it almost every day. Working up the patience to call into the CB helpdesk and see about a replacement router...

The Leupen Family said...
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Jason Leupen said...

It looks like I may have finally found a place where there are technical people that have Fioptics. It is being rolled out to my neighborhood and I have a couple of questions. I currently have DirecTv with one DVR providing output to 2 HDTVs on opposite sides of a wall.

1) Is the Fioptics Remote Control RF or IR?
2) Can the DVR output both HDMI and Component at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Jeffrey Pyle said...

I love it when I am watching a show I record, get about 1/2 way through with the show, fast forward past some commercials and magically find that I am back at the beginning. Then I have to fast-forward through however long I've been watching it to get to the spot as was at before I decided to fast forward through the commercials to "save time" (ha ha...I made myself laugh there). That's just one complaint...and it happens about every other time I watch something. I personally think what happens is that the show I'm recording has ended (sometimes I watch baseball games and I am late getting to it...but it's the same evening). When the show ends, I think the DVR "resets". This is BAD functionality. I never had that happen with TWC.

And while I am at it...sometimes the STB just "freezes". I have to physically unplug it (way too much for my liking!). And the menu system...I think 1992 is too generous. More like 1988. Horrible.

CB "convinced" me to stitch from TWC because it was so much of a better deal price wise. I might save $10/month. Maybe. My alarm system doesn't work since the switch (still haven't figured that one out), the internet is probably slower (I have 10 GB, asking for more puts me at the same price as TWC).

I call into the CB help desk and get put in the queue.

No thanks. Just getting the nerve to call TWC and ask for a new 1-year discount.

Bill said...

Just got CinBill FiOptic service Sept 10, 2012
Internet and phone services are great.

DVR is abysmal! Everything seems to operate in slow-motion, not ituitive, HORRIBLE graphic interface! Just hate it. DirecTV, which I switched from, is LIGHT YEARS ahead!! So sorry I made the switch to save $45 a month.

Blunderdog said...

Just had FiOptics installed Saturday. The DVR is certainly goofy. There is no intuitive way to schedule a series recording. Even after reading the manual it was not a breeze. I was told by the sales guy that it would record 3 shows at once. That does not seem to be true as when I try to add a third I'm forced to cancel something else. The Video on Demand has so many digital artifacts and sound interruption that it was nearly impossible to watch a 39 minutes show. I still have all the Time Warner stuff in the house and am considering returning to it.

John J said...

We came from a TIVO and the Fioptics DVR is terrible in comparison. There are compatibility issues with Fioptics and Tivo, otherwise we would continue to use the Tivo.
The TV signal is full of interruptions. It held lots of promise and we less expensive, but will consider TW again when the contract is up.

prolix21 said...

I've had a few issues with artifacts on the tivo, but only specific channels which makes me think its the channel, not the tivo. Other than that, I've not experienced any incompatibilities.

I need to call and re-negotiate my bill, it just recently shot up and now I'm paying significantly more than I was ever paying TWC.

John Schuholz said...

internet is great - DSR is hoorible. box constantly locks up - even to the point that u can't turn the bloody thing off. NEEDS SERIOUS WORK on this system. TWC, DIRECT, and DISH is better than this

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