Café de Wheels

What's that then?

Oh, that's just Café de Wheels, Cincinnati's mobile burger truck. Tonight, it tweeted that it was at Fries Cafe, which is a hop, skip and a jump from Dan's place in Clifton. We walked less than a block, and suddenly it was as though there were a restaurant there that had never been there before.

Oh man do I love this truck. Between shutting the window to keep the cold out, the @burgerbgood staff talked to me about their business-- the proprietor is from New York, where food carts are, as you might imagine, infinitely more abundant. I asked why they weren't parked at the CAC for the much-lauded Shepard Fairey opening, but apparently there is nowhere to (legally) park a food truck downtown. This is a serious shame, as there are corners of downtown Cincinnati that could sorely use some affordable, late-ish night fare.

Convenience is only half the fun, though-- Café de Wheels' food is fantab. I wanted a burger but the Truck Dude (should have asked for a name) recommended their Lenten fish special... man that was a good choice. Damn good fish sandwich. Dan had the crispy chicken and insists it was, in his words, yummy.

Mobile food trucks might be my favorite use of Twitter. I love the idea of food that travels around and can be tracked online. Our paths will likely cross again, but if not, I plan on hunting down that dreamy burger truck.

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