Sugar Cupcakery

I managed to snap a few more pictures of Sugar Cupcakery (though I apologize that they are still pretty low-quality):

I really enjoyed Sugar. Their cupcakes are all organic-- they are smaller than at Abby Girl, and a bit higher priced ($3.25 each), but I thought they tasted better. The frosting in particular is of a delicious consistency-- I am picky about my icing, and this was decadent.

The other thing that Sugar does well is social media! Abby Girl has no UrbanSpoon page (yet), Sugar has responded to me on Twitter, AND when I checked in on FourSquare I won a free cupcake! Gotta love that stuff.

If there was a downside, it was that I didn't get much of a variety-- because Sugar is only open until 7pm and it's out in Milford, we pulled up right as they were closing. We took home a chocolate chai, a vanilla, and a banana-- all were DELICIOUS, but I've heard talk of other flavors that I'm dying to try. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out to Milford any sooner than closing!

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D R E W said...

thanks for the update on this place. i drive by a few days a week on my way to work. i've been wondering about it since it opened.

redrabbit said...

Make sure you stop by! There are other nights it's open later-- check their website. :)

Mary said...

This is the second time that I have tried to visit and they have a CLOSED sign hung on the door even though it was a Tuesday at 11:30 when they should have been open. A "sorry for the inconvenience" sign doesn't cut it with a trip out of the way across town. They don't seem to care about the locals if they are closing whenever they want to cater events. Shame on them. Keep the hours that are posted. Just be sure to call and see if they are indeed open before going out of your way.

prolix21 said...

they definitely have odd hours - we tried to go a number of times and they were always closed, or had a sign saying they were sold out of cupcakes.

when we visited we got in right as the girl was closing up shop. pretty much locked the door as we left.

redrabbit said...

Yeah, ugh, they need to watch out for that. That might come back to bite them in the ass some day.

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