Proud Rooster

The Proud Rooster is-- apparently-- one of the gems of Clifton. It's been in business since the dawn of time, and Dan's been itching to visit... but it's only open for lunch (during the week), and we both work downtown.

As luck would have it: ugggh! I woke up feeling like hell warmed over! So when lunch rolled around, we schlogged down Ludlow to the chicken place to end all chicken places.

What looks like a tiny carry-out-only area is actually only the facade for an adorable greasy spoon (by far my favorite kind of eatery). All the bling on the walls comes from trophies and plaques from local sporting events and teams that the Proud Rooster has sponsored.

And the food was delicious. Dan ordered the fried chicken and enjoyed it. I had the meatloaf hoagie with mac 'n' cheese and-- sweet mercy-- there are leftovers in my fridge and it's killing me not to pop 'em out and heat 'em up. Warm, comfort-y foods perfect for autumn.

We will definitely be back, if we can carve out another lunchtime (or a weekend, if we're ever home!).

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