Noooo, we didn't undertake Padrino's "$30 Spaghetti & Meatball Challenge." I just thought you should be aware of it-- you know, for the next time you're in the mood for 3lbs+ of food. Hey, if you finish it, it's free!

This was not Dan and my first time to Padrino, but we did end up here again on a bit of a whim. We were celebrating 5 months together (yea!) and wanted something we already knew we liked-- ever been in that kind of mood?

Padrino is good Italian. We rolled in around 7:30 and ended up waiting a solid 40 minutes before getting a table, but the restaurant is comfortable and we were in no real hurry. There was a large reception in their private room, and the entire dining area was full of laughter and the smell of garlic. Good stuff, I tell you.

Dan ordered the lasagna (he just mmm'd at the thought of it, so that's a good sign) and I had the chicken and spinach manicotti (also mmm). Oh, a little heads up: order extra garlic knots. Their little bread garnish that comes with the meals is so addicting and delicious, you're going to want more of them.

The first time we visited Padrino, it was because we were curious about the "old Milford" area. There have been a lot of new businesses and restaurants popping up in this area, so we wanted to broaden our horizons a bit. Padrino was a great choice for pasta nuts like ourselves-- this will definitely be one of our staples, when we find ourselves in that "hungry for something I know I like" moods again.

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