The good people at World Food Bar have opened up a new restaurant on Vine Street: Mayberry. Heather (Cincinnati's Food Hussy) and I decided to hit it up for lunch-- and we were not the only ones.

Word to the wise: don't try to hit up Mayberry with more than 4 people. It'd be a great place to meet up with a friend, but not the kind of place you'd have a business lunch. I would say that business might slow down when the novelty wears off, but frankly the food was really good and I don't see that happening any time soon.

You want to see the food? I had the burger with a poached egg on top (delicious) with tater tot casserole (delicious delicious). Also check out the scrumptiousness that were Heather and Lisa's lunches:

I paid $8 for my entree and $3 for my side... and a ridiculous $1.50 for my tiny tiny drink. The food is of much higher quality than most of the lunches I typically eat, but the prices were still absolutely in budget. (Bring your own drink, maybe? Your options are tiny, overpriced, single-serving drinks or their warm, iceless tap water.)

I also liked the simple decor inside Mayberry: the walls were covered in black-and-white Cincinnati landmark paintings.

World Food Bar's website:

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5chw4r7z said...

Mark your calendar peeps who don't work downtown and can't make it for lunch, Dec 4th they will begin staying open late on Fri-Sat night with a Sunday brunch.
Can't wait.
HA, I didn't even look to see what I paid for the shot of Coke I got.

redrabbit said...

All the drinks were $1.50-- yeah, if you had the Coke, it was half or a third the size of a normal bottle. For $1.50. Eep.

Must check out brunch...

Blake Fox said...

This place is definitely a nice change of pace from many downtown offerings. It would be nice to see some greens included with the specials. 3 slices of pot roast and a biscuit is slim pickings for $10. But the fact there is a place to get pot roast downtown is a welcome addition.

redrabbit said...

Did you have the pot roast? Was it good?

ekalb said...

Mayberry Potroast was not nearly as good as my own that I slow roast all day. But it was OK for a lunch joint. Heck, they have no competition in the lunch market downtown. Other than when Michelle at Deli 720 makes potpies.

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