Iris Bookcafe

My favorite random find of this entire project so far: Iris Bookcafe.

Dan and I ambled in when I saw a sign that mentioned BOOKS-- that's all it takes for me, to tell you the truth. I'm an easy mark.

And once inside I never wanted to leave. (Ask Dan.) A cute little cafe area, tons and tons of unique and interesting books lining every wall they have, a large selection of eclectic vinyl records, a courtyard with outdoor seating and an arbor, a friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere. I immediately wanted to start writing a novel, just for the hell of it.

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VisuaLingual said...

This place rocks! I'm glad that people are finding it and appreciating its many charms.

redrabbit said...

I'd never heard of it before!

I want to live there. Think they'd let me bring a sleeping bag?

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