Findlay! Againly!

I can't say enough great things about Findlay Market, and I hope you have an opportunity to really take advantage of all it has to offer.

Today's score:
--Asparagus ravioli
--Roasted red pepper pasta
--Garlic mashed potatoes
--Couscous salad
--Sweet corn, green beans, the Holiday seedless red grapes I've been waiting for all year
--Pint of Dojo's Kinderschokolade gelato

And for lunch:
--Dan had Bouchard's again: linguine alfredo w/broccoli, chicken, red pepper
--I had Aunty's Homemade Foods*: fettuccine alfredo w/chicken
--Two hot chocolates from Dojo: one straight-up, one with mint, both with homemade marshmallows

*I really enjoyed Aunty's Homemade Foods, but it's made to be taken to go. I had mine heated up to eat at the market, but I think you can find a better value if you're planning on eating your lunch while you're at Findlay. That being said, my food was delicious and I bought some food from them to bring back home and eat later, as intended.

As far as Dojo... well, it never disappoints. Dojo is working on transitioning into the colder months, which must be a tough market for a gelato stand. Their hot chocolates are killer! From the Dojo Blogato:
We have four flavors of cioccolata caldo to enjoy during the cooler seasons at Dojo Gelato: Classic, Diavolo (blended with smoked chipotle pepper and spices from Herbs and Spice), Orange with bits of candied orange throughout, or Peppermint with mint simple syrup. If you are feeling really saucy, add marshmallows, which are handmade by Dojo Oompa-Loompa, Jill!
Make sure to swing by and support Dojo if you're in the area. Local business, delicious food, desserts all year 'round... win win win win win.

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