Dojo Gelato

First I must introduce the Dan. This is the boyfriend who has lured me out of my east-side suburb and into the light. He'll be writing here eventually... for now he's whipping me up a blog design.

Onto Dojo. Dojo Gelato is owned and operated by a former coworker of mine, Michael Christner. He has since pursued a dream and now all of Cincinnati benefits by having fantastic, locally-made gelato planted in Findlay Market.

Dojo hardly needs press from a blog on its third post-- it's gotten plenty of attention lately-- but I wanted to call it out as a special part of Findlay Market to me. Dojo really drove home the "support local commerce" idea-- I could see my money going to support someone I knew and cared about, and in turn helping our local economy and a market that brings so many parts of Cincinnati together.

Plus the gelato is delicious. Dan tried the dutch chocolate and I had orange fig; I also bought a pint of bourbon vanilla and a pint of brownies 'n' cream for a get-together I was attending. (Walking into a party carrying= gelato = win.) Each flavor has been delectable, and Michael rolls out new flavors constantly.

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