Cadillac Ranch = clunker

If you live in Cincinnati you may have already heard some Cadillac Ranch-bashing as a result of some serious party-foul action that went down during MidPoint Music Festival this past weekend. If you missed it (as I did because I was out of town), here's the gist from BuyCincy:

After hearing one band they were unhappy with, Cadillac Ranch pulled the plug on visiting Midpoint Music Festival bands scheduled to play Saturday night at his venue. After Cleveland's The Lighthouse and The Whaler finished their low-key 8pm set, Cadillac Ranch had enough and cancelled performances from bands that came to Cincinnati from New York, Louisville, and Nashville, citing lack of profit.

How embarrassing, to say the least. I find myself getting surprisingly defensive as one of our precious, awesome jewels (like MidPoint) is bullied by Big Restaurant. There is no excuse for behavior of this nature, and it's vindicating to notice that I'm not the only one up-in-arms. This has quickly become a media nightmare for at least this location of the chain-- there's even a Facebook page set up to encourage a boycott.

Hell, I'm in. One more excuse to Eat Local, amirite?

If you agree that this is unacceptable, might I recommend voting this location down on Urbanspoon?

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